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dining room rug
dining room rug


This one is always the most fun. There are endless possibilities of color, pattern, and texture. An area rug can be used to brighten a space, add a pop of color in a room or have it tie all the other elements together. With endless aesthetic options, you want to carefully consider one aspect of style and that is pile height. The dining room is a gathering spot of the home. You want to make sure any crumbs can easily be cleaned up and chairs can effortlessly slide in and out. Having a low pile or flatweave will make clean up and movability a breeze. The pile height of the one I chose is just under .4 inches.

cat on rug


I can’t stress this one enough! Having an area rug that can withstand food, drink and lots of foot traffic is really important, in our case pets too. Take some time to do a little extra research before making your purchase. Check to see if it has stain resistant properties and is recommended for higher traffic areas. I have seen plenty of rugs not hold up to the consistent use of space. You want to make sure your rug is sure to last. SmartStrand carpet has stain resistance built right into the fiber, so it will never wear or wash off. Those little accidents that happen from time to time have been no match to our new SmartStand area rug, our cats can attest to it.

rug contrast with furniture


When it comes to the size of an area rug, the numbers can be pretty cut and dry. Having 24?- 36? inches from the edge of the table to the edge of the rug will allow chairs to slide easily. Also, 12?- 18? inches from rug to the border of the room will help to fill the space. However, in my experience with interior design, the numbers are rarely that exact, and homes don’t always fall into the super specific categories of 8’x10' or 9’x12'. That’s why I love the option of a custom-bound area rug. While keeping with the sizing guidelines, I was able to add extra length and shrink the width of our area rug to best fit our dining space needs. A total win in my book.

One of the best parts about choosing an area rug for your dining room is getting to add a little unexpected style to your space. Feel free to experiment with color, texture and pattern but be sure to consider the durability and size. I hope you enjoyed our tips for choosing the perfect dining room rug for your home.

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