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Living room with yellow couch and light brown flooring
Bright living room with brown laminate flooring

Working from Home: Six Multi-Tasking Spaces that Need Laminated Wood Floors

As many people have had to adapt to changing circumstances over the past year, living spaces have taken on new functions and purposes. Work, school, play and life are now converging at home more than ever before. If you’ve found yourself spending a lot more time at home than you used to, then by ...

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Mohawk's new RevWood laminate flooring

Introducing RevWood Select

When it comes to elegance and timeless beauty, hardwood floors are a classic choice to complement any design. But if you haven’t looked into laminate wood lately, you’re missing out on durable and worry-free flooring. Offering the look and feel of solid hardwood, RevWood Select from Mohawk raises ...

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Mohawk's new laminate flooring RevWood on the kitchen floor

A Home Update with RevWood

Who isn’t a big fan of Witney Carson? From the passion and energy she brings to Dancing with The Stars to the creative looks and design advice she shares on her lifestyle blog, Witney is an inspiration. When she told Mohawk about her upcoming home remodel, they were thrilled to take part in it. ...

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New RevWood Plus laminate flooring from Mohawk

New RevWood Plus Styles

When creating a new look in a room or building a new home, beautiful wood flooring immediately comes to mind. From the natural look of fresh cut wood, to genuine details like grain and knots and the warm tonal variation found in many styles, wood floors simply shine. And when your floors are as ...

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Mother hand holding walking baby on laminate flooring

Wood Without Compromise

Although fulfilling, life with children and pets usually requires compromise, especially when it comes to decorating. You may be dreaming of a stunning suede couch in creamy white, for example, and unless you’re going to cover it in plastic, that dream is probably on hold until after the kids leave ...

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Roller skates on laminate floors

Choosing the Best Laminate Floors for Families with Children

Parents of active kids know just how much wear and tear their little ones can dish out inside the home. The floors will be played upon, spilled on, chased on and will need to resist scratches and anything from markers and nail polish to sodas and messy food. With its durability, attractive visuals, ...

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Dog sleeping on laminate floor

Choosing the Best Laminate Floor for Dog Owners

Dogs are awesome. That’s a fact! But know that with dogs come wear-and-tear to your floors. From Great Danes to Teacup Yorkies, you can be sure that scratches and pet accidents will inevitably occur. While our ultimate goal as homeowners and dog owners is to love our pups, while living on floors we ...

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Living room with laminate flooring feature wall above fireplace

5 Creative Ways to Use Laminate Flooring on Walls

The most popular trend in laminate flooring has nothing to do with your floors. More and more, everyone from DIYers to high-end designers are installing laminate flooring on walls. That’s right—walls.If you’re suddenly having flashbacks to your grandmother’s laminate wood-paneled walls, hold on a ...

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Art supplies on a laminate floor

Installing Laminate Flooring In Your Home

When it comes to new floors, decision fatigue is REAL. Even among flooring types that look like wood, you have many options to choose from! Figuring out where to start is often the hardest step...

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Modern kitchen with laminate floors

Three Tips on How to Choose Flooring for an Open Concept Design

The open concept design is an increasingly popular choice in home design, and there are many reasons to get on board with this exciting trend. Marked by wide open spaces -- often a combined kitchen, dining room, and living room -- open floor plans feel spacious and inviting...

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