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Robot Vacuum

No one enjoys the tedious process of keeping up on home floor cleaning. From all of the sweeping and vacuuming to the mopping and scrubbing, wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a tool that does it for you?

Enter the Roomba. This innovative robot vacuum has been around for two decades and is used in thousands of homes around the globe for quick, automated housekeeping. This sleek little machine takes on all of your surface floor cleaning for you so that you can prioritize other tasks.

At first glance, it might appear that a Roomba can only be used on smooth, hard surfaces like tile and hardwood. But, does Roomba work well on carpet? Let’s have a look.

How Does a Roomba Work in Your Home?

Roomba is a robot vacuum that utilizes a complex array of technologies to function in your home. It learns as it goes, meaning that it will develop its own cleaning behavior and routine based on the information it receives while cleaning. Over time, this learning will become more advanced and the machine will develop a system that’s uniquely designed to match your house.

In short, Roombas function on a set of rules pre-programmed into the machine that is then customized to your needs. They do so via four different inputs:

  • Sensors: Using advanced sensors, the Roomba detects various visual obstacles throughout the room such as stair ledges and drop offs to ensure it doesn’t go off course.
  • Bumps: Bumps send a message to the vacuum robot that it’s collided with an obstacle. This information will then be stored by the machine so that it avoids obstacles in the future.
  • Wheels: The wheels measure the dimensions of the room and the distance traveled, formulating a map of your home’s living space.
  • Brushes: The most basic models are equipped with two brushes, one which scrapes up dirt and residue from your floor, and one that uses suction power to remove it.


Benefits of Using a Roomba

All of the benefits of using a robot vacuum in your home come down to efficiency. Cleaning your floors can take an immense amount of time out of your weekly schedule, and many homeowners simply don’t have the energy. A Roomba will efficiently handle all of the monotonous surface cleaning tasks so that you can put more energy towards less frequent deep cleaning.

If you’ve been using a housekeeper to maintain your floors on a regular basis, investing in a Roomba can also save you money. With just one purchase you can essentially replace a small amount of labor. With a Roomba, you won’t even have to worry about charging the device. The robot will automatically return to its charging station when it recognizes that its batteries are running low.

Drawbacks of Using a Roomba

As wonderful as this invention can be, it certainly comes with drawbacks. The most popular consumer complaints are that Roombas are quite loud and conspicuous. You’ll know when it’s running.

Roombas are expensive when compared to a classic vacuum. This is particularly the case for higher-end models that come with additional features. You’ll need to do a proper cost analysis to determine if the purchase is worth it for your home.

At the end of the day, the Roomba is just a robot vacuum. It doesn’t have the built-in intelligence of a human being, so there will be errors. Some homeowners have found that it doesn’t properly recognize all obstacles, resulting in the Roomba getting stuck in weird areas of the home with a dead battery. This can be quite inconvenient, as the machine will simply stop running when it runs into an issue, requiring a reset.

Roombas and Your Carpeting Type

Roomba prides itself on being an automated cleaning machine that works on nearly all home surfaces, including carpet. However, carpet is a very general term that can mean different things to different homeowners. Some individuals may have very short, tight tufting, whereas others may have fluffy shag.

In these situations, how does the Roomba perform as compared to a regular vacuum? Below we’ll breakdown how well the Roomba works with:

  • Low Pile Carpet
  • High Pile / Thick Carpet
  • Fringe Carpeting
  • Flooring Transitions

Does Roomba Work Well on Low Pile Carpet?

If you own a low pile carpet, you’ll be happy to learn that the Roomba works exceptionally well on it. In many cases, it works just as efficiently as it would on hardwood or tile. Low pile carpets don’t hide much dirt and grime in its shorter carpet fibers, so it’s easier for the Roomba to do its job.

Whether you’re looking to clean up annoying pet hair, or need something for minor crumbs, your Roomba will have no problem handling this type of carpet.

Does Roomba Work on High Pile Carpet?

You may be curious: does Roomba work on thick carpet? This is one of the tricky parts of a robot vacuum cleaner. While the manufacturer does state that a Roomba works on all carpet types, most homeowners have found that it doesn’t work as efficiently on high pile and thick carpeting types.

This is mostly due to the excess fiber that’s beneath the wheels of the Roomba. The machine can’t glide over it as easily, leading to errors and improper cleaning. If you own a standard Roomba, it’s likely that the vacuum won’t adequately sweep up all the dirt.

If your home is mostly equipped with this type of carpeting, don’t despair. Roomba makes higher-end models that will work properly with thicker carpets. These models are manufactured with larger wheels for increased movement, as well having larger debris canisters for the increased workload.

Additionally, models like the 960 are equipped with powerful suction that allows the vacuum to pull up all of the deep grime trapped within high pile carpets. You may want to monitor your Roomba on its first couple of runs, as this feature is extremely effective and will likely fill up the dirt canister quickly.

Source: Digital Trends

Robot Vacuum on Carpet Fringes

Does Roomba Work on Carpets With Fringes?

When it comes to carpets with fringe, a Roomba will unfortunately not work as well. This is especially the case for thicker fringes. The robot vacuum will have difficulty using its brushes efficiently, and will most likely stall in error, requiring a reset. Larger debris like pet hair will be completely missed. Some users have even experienced carpet snagging, requiring them to untangle the mess from the vacuum.

If you have fringe or shag-like carpets, your best option is to program your Roomba to avoid these high carpeted sections. Boundary points can be set so that your vacuum will go around these sections, focusing on easier-to-clean areas. You’ll clean your fringe carpets with a regular vacuum instead.

Robot Vacuum on Solid Surfaces

Does Roomba Work on Carpet and Hardwood?

The main draw of the Roomba is that it can work seamlessly on all floor types and even go back and forth between them. This is mainly due to its auto-sense, a smart feature that adjusts the Roomba’s cleaning specifications based on which floor type it detects.

Your machine will automatically detect when it needs to raise its wheels to accommodate higher carpeting, as well as when to engage different brush styles to sweep up hair and debris found deep within the carpet. When functioning properly, you won’t have to adjust a thing.

Alternative Products to Roomba

While Roomba may be the household name for robotic vacuum cleaning, they certainly come at a premium. The base model alone will cost $250, and you can easily spend over $1000 if you’re looking for features designed specifically for carpet.

There are a variety of other products out there that will work, but be aware of the cheapest options. These may be completely incapable of handling the needs of carpet. Additionally, always ensure you’re purchasing CRI-approved vacuums, as these are rigorously tested for quality and effectiveness.

So, How Well Does a Roomba Work on Carpet?

How well your Roomba will work on your carpet is largely dependent on the type of carpeting you own, and the quality of the machine you’ve purchased.

In general, a Roomba will have no problem handling the cleaning needs of a low pile carpet, and will have zero issues transitioning to it from different floor types. If you own thicker, high pile carpet or have carpeting with fringes, you may have to invest in a more expensive model that comes equipped with higher suction power.

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